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Ho appena ricevuto i saluti di Christian, che giro a tutti voi.

. . . . .

Dear Walter Obert,

Thank you for having the opportunity to visit the IDEAG meeting. It was really nice to meet you and all the other authors. I think the atmoshere was great and familiar – much more relaxed and enhusiastic than in Göttingen or Haar. And I can make all of you a great compliment: the quality of games was amazing good – Italian creativity has discovered the games!

. . . . .

Friendly regards
Christian Beiersdorf
PROJEKT SPIEL / Licensing-Agency
Christian Beiersdorf & Susanne Lesaar GbR

Habsburgerstr. 134, 79104 Freiburg, Germany
Tel. +49 761 15 62 07 37, Fax -38
c.beiersdorf@projekt-spiel.de / http://www.projekt-spiel.com

Walter Obert