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    Hi I'm cheap nba jerseys wholesale Jory Jensen, baseball instructor, and today we're going to be talking about warm ups and stretches for baseball. A big part of baseball is working on our core. I like to begin with some tree trunks, just twisting, getting a good flex in your trunk and I like to spread your legs just a little bit. You can even work it down a little bit so you're crossing your legs, making sure your legs are getting involved. Then begin twisting up on your feet. After you have your core kind of nice and loose, I like to go to some arm circles. I'm starting small and then getting bigger, going back the other way, going backwards, starting small and then getting bigger. Afterwards, going to a crossover arm stretch. You're going to use your opposite arm to kind of pull the arm through.

    You should feel the stretch through your shoulder, through your muscles on the backside. You should be doing both sides, stretching both sides equally and then we will go to a backstretch and one thing is in between each patriots jerseys outlet one of these stretches we're going to make sure you take time in between. If you have to do them two to three times to make sure your arm gets good and stretched, it's worth the time to make sure you don't get injured. Pulling your arm backwards. If you can reach, it's also good to do this one mk handbags outlet this way so that you can grab hold of your fingers and pull giving yourself a little bit of resistance as you're doing it, that's also another one to make sure you do both arms. A big thing as far as baseball is making sure your forearm is stretched. A good stretch is to just pull back on your fingertips, helping this to stretch through the bottom side of your forearm and if you do it the opposite way it should stretch the top of your forearm and stretch out your fingers. When you're throwing the baseball, it's important to feel the cowboys jerseys outlet baseball through your fingertips so that's why it's important to stretch out your fingers and your forearms. And I'm Jory Jensen, baseball instructor and we've just talked about baseball stretches and warm ups.

Stai visualizzando 1 post (di 1 totali)
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