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    Ok, non è proprio un concorso, ma un'occasione per presentare un giochino su tema ambientalista.

    Chi verrà scelto riceverà una piccola ricompensa in denaro e 10 copie del gioco, che sarà prodotto in 500 copie e distribuito per fini divulgativi.

    Se il gioco riceverà altre stampe entreranno in gioco royalties.

    Dettagli qui.

    Riporto comunque il bando per intero:

    We are looking for a game designer that will develop a board game for an environmental NGO.

    Basic facts:
    Topic: Environmental, fair-trade. (A set of links and articles that should be used as a starting point can be found at the end of this document. Palm oil is only an example. Other products can be used!)
    Contexts: Supermarkets (big retailers) vs. fair trade. Supply chain, relations in the supply chain (from farmers through commercial agents and other actors to supermarkets and to consumers).
    The project within which the game is being made includes and offers different possibilities. The fact is that nowadays relations in supply chains are not fair. The supermarkets are super strong and are exploiting people and processes without any risk. The most vulnerable are the people at the beginning of the supply chain (mostly farmers and workers from countries in development). We promote the idea that a different way of doing business and market functioning without exploitation of people and without environment destruction is possible. Solutions to make that happen are: certificates, fair trade, organic, local, seasonal, sustainable, self made production etc. But the main goal should be: less consumption. And that is a key to success.
    Aim: A fun game that also raises awareness about the topic.

    Technical facts:
    Format: Cards or small size board game.
    Target: Families. 2 to 6 players. Age 7+. Game duration: max 45min. Less is better.
    Translations: Game should be easy to translate. Use of more pictures and less words is welcome. Primary market is EU so many translations will be needed.

    Conditions for game designer:

    We offer:
    –          support of two local game designers for future discussions and testing
    –          support of an environmental expert to help with the topic
    –          graphic and art design, but we are opened for any suggestions from game designer
    –          project coordinator

    Game designer will get small payment up front. This should cover the most necessary (material) costs needed for game development. The payment is not considered as licensing money however the designer will hold the rights and his/her name will be on the box.
    The publisher will print out 500 pcs of the game out of which the designer will get 10 pcs for free. No other royalty will be paid for the first print. The 500 copies will not be sold but used as a project result and a raising awareness tool. NGO will distribute it by itself.
    If the game will have a good commercial potential new contract will be signed with the game designer, where a flat percentage from the sales price will be set as a royalty for the author. In practice this means game designer will be paid for 501st box and all others that will follow. The publisher has an extremely high interest in making this game a success. The publisher is not interested in poorly presented so the final product will need to be top quality in all aspects.

    We expect:
    –          Game designer has to provide a new or adapted board/card game that he/she developed and holds all rights for it.
    –          Game designer will need to educate himself/herself on the specific (eco/fair-trade) topic and cooperate with our experts on that matter.
    –          Game designer will need to cooperate with us and regularly attend Skype meetings.

    All content has to be original. Our staff and experts will evaluate and verify handed content. Any plagiarism found in the content will be reported to the authorities.

    All submissions remain property of the designers, including any input and support provided by the ValueAddGames team.

    Applicants have to fill in the application form and submit it no later than May 27th 2017 by e form: https://valueaddgames.typeform.com/to/uHtgRi

    We will choose the most promising project with the best creative and designed solution. The application form is only a basic document. We accept all kinds of materials: photos, videos, samples etc.  Applicant can send us anything that will help us understands his/her idea better. The game idea needs to be developed to the point where basic idea and mechanics are clear. We will have some time to test and work on the game ourselves but the more finalized games are more welcome.

    Time line:
    June 2017 – one game designer will be selected.
    June –  August 2017 – work on details, game tasting, rules etc.
    September – finalizing art design
    October – finishing the product
    November – printing
    December – DONE!

    Magari può essere interessante?

    Stefano "Stef" Castelli


    Lo è. Anche se il tema è più etico che ambientale.
    16 giorni di tempo… proviamoci.

    Non ho trovato notizie su questa Value Add Games, ma solo su una Value Ad Games. Sono gli stessi?

    "La vita umana non dura che un istante, bisognerebbe trascorrerla a fare ciò che piace. In questo mondo, fugace come un sogno, vivere nell'affanno è follia. Ma non rivelerò questo segreto del mestiere ai giovani, visto come vanno le cose oggi nel mondo. Potrebbero fraintendermi."


    Lo è. Anche se il tema è più etico che ambientale.
    16 giorni di tempo… proviamoci.

    Non ho trovato notizie su questa Value Add Games, ma solo su una Value Ad Games. Sono gli stessi?

    Sono questi: http://valueaddgames.com/

    Stefano "Stef" Castelli

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